About us

One World Institute provides free wheelchairs and free educational programs. One World Institute has given over 50 million US dollars of goods and services to charity.

One World Institute (OWI) is a Northern California-based non -profit, public benefit corporation. OWI is registered as a 501(c) 3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Franchise Tax Board in the State of California as well as a charity organization with the Philippines' Securities and Exchange Commission. Individual and corporate donations create tax benefits for the donor, as allowed by law.


Our "Philanthropy for Peace” programs bring together partners and technologies to serve a world in conflict; to help provide opportunities where there are none; to help children dream; to help others share in the Joy of Helping; to help rebuild lives with care, after major disaster.

Company Overview

A Global Non Profit Management Industry Expert.


OWI was formally founded in order to make official, many years of non profit work in health, education and disaster relief in the Philippines and Cambodia. We have built and continue to help build communities where the men are productive bread winners; the women have rising levels of literacy; and the children have a promising future.

General Information

OWI Is a non profit private foundation for disaster relief, health, education and sustainable living. Download the OWI Letter from the US IRS. Click here.